C Sharp Entertainment Inc., is a privately held entertainment company.  C Sharp Entertainment intends to diversify into music production and distribution, live concerts and events promotion and music based online technology investments and acquisitions.

Studio C Sharp – The Company will establish a record label incorporating a forward thinking structure of exclusive recording agreements commensurate with today’s business model.  This will be accomplished by the signing of an elite group of established and exceptionally talented developing artists.

C Sharp Presents will leverage existing relationships in the creation of live concerts and event promotions in indoor and outdoor venues throughout the country.  The Company intends to engage the services of recording artist’s signed to the label’s roster when-ever possible, creating a vertically integrated component for the Company.

C Sharp Technology Inc.  is in the process of identifying technology companies which have the capability of providing vertical integration for the Company’s artists’, live concert events and other assets.

The Company is unique because of its vertically integrated service line disciplines supported by traditional and non-traditional revenue generating operational structure.

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